Saturday, February 12, 2011

Garlick Your Phone

The other day (Wednesday?) somebody Tweeted, "can we stop talking about the Super Bowl ads already?!"  Of course, I was saddened since, you know... my whole bloglihood is dependent on commercials.  I hope everyone isn't sick of Super Bowl ads yet, because I'm about to hit you with another one of my favorites:

It reminds me of the time I threw my phone away in the Burger King garbage and it smelled like ketchup until I dropped it in the dog's water dish.

I hope you guys are having a tasty weekend and are not sick of Super Bowl commercials or any others.  Advertisements On!

1 comment:

Nicki Woo said...


What does your phone smell like now?


PS - Superbowl commercials are on like donkey kong, and my phone smells like lunchmeat. I don't know why. Honey Ham, in case your wondering. But right about now I'm thinking that might be better than dog water. But now that I think about it, dog water does kinda smell like lunchmeat. Humph.