Friday, February 4, 2011

Pumped to Jump

Adrienne jumped out of her crib yesterday.  It was very calculated; she tossed her stuffed animals and blankets onto the floor in a heap and jumped for it.  I was shocked.  This is the girl who would be perfectly happy sitting on my lap all day long, who is nervous moving from one room to another because the floor may be a different texture.  But as we moms know, kids in cribs will do desperate things to avoid naps.  Or maybe this guy was in there giving her a pep talk:

Of course, I'd rather think she just braved it on her own and there was not actually a strange sweat-suited man in her room.

Speaking of jumping, the girls and I went to Jumpin' Jax today- have you guys been to a place like this?

It's bouncy house galore!
It's bounceariffic, especially after two days with as many snowed-in, pent-up, high energy munchkins.  Molly jumped to her heart's content, while Adrienne ran from bouncy house to bouncy house looking in nervously.  I tried to coax her into jumping by going in with her, but in true A fashion she clung to me like a little koala bear and I feigned frustration when really I love that she prefers me to a giant blow up toy.  In life, that is not always the case, right?  Harhar.
A considered entering, but quickly decided against it.

Have a wonderful weekend Friends!  Fire up for Superbowl Sunday- it's like Ad Bits Olympics!  I can't wait!

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TV's Take said...

Oh No! I worry about KLV jumping out of her crib...I fear we are only a few short months away. We love the bouncy houses!!