Tuesday, February 22, 2011

He Shoots! He Scores $0!

Let's talk about things that are six inches long.  A pencil.  A paring knife.  A DVD slot.  A can of Diet Coke.  All roughly six inches, right?  Know what else is six inches?  The hole this guy is shooting a puck into (what?  where did you think I was going with all this 6" talk?):

Our house is a perpetual mess because we loooove aiming at things around here.  I actually moved the diaper bin in the garage back a bit so I could give every diaper a good toss.  It's a pain when I miss, but sweet desperate housewivish victory when I score.  We love to ball up socks and throw them from our living room, upstairs, and into the laundry room (this is a huge challenge, but we feel very blessed the layout of our house allows for such frivolities).  And if somebody drops say... a grape, on the kitchen floor, you better duck because you know it's getting tossed across the room, toward the sink.  In all these things, we miss.  A lot.

My point is, this guy's shot is amazing.  The deal was for him to receive $50,000 from a third-party insurance company (who!?  I don't know!) to donate to charity.  Now the company is saying, they'll just give it to a charity since that's what he was going to do anyway.  But not the St. Vincent Heart Center, which was his charity of choice.  What a gyp!  I feel like I deserve $50,000 when I bank an empty can off my car headlight into a giant recycling bin three feet away so I'm furious for this gentleman.  Furious.  I mean, what the devil?


Nicki Woo said...

okay this is how i feel. completely OUTRAGED. What??????? He should defs get the chance to donate it to whomever he wants, and what if he changed his mind and say wanted to donate it To HIMSELF???? Is that against the law. HE SHOT A POCKEY HUT, errrr. . .getting carried away. . . HOCKEY PUCK INTO A 6 INCH GAP. . . .forget the starving kids man, GO TO DISNEYLAND!!!! I'm not seriously that shallow, but jeez, if I won 50 smackers I wouldn't be donating it. AND you bet damn well tootin' that if I did, that money is going to Children of Deranged Bloggers Non-Profit, or somebody is getting their booty bumped.

Jules said...

Yes! Doesn't your heart just break for him!? That'll teach him to be a good guy and donate his money, right? "You wanna be a decent person and give your money to a Heart Center? I think we'll just screw you over instead!"
I'm happy to hear you also support Children of Deranged Bloggers Non-Profit. I'm running a 5K for old CoDBNP later this year.