Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun Drop

What an exciting weekend!  You already heard all about my fun Friday night in Detroit; Saturday we had friends from college over (they are trying to talk me into going to my 10 year (?!?!?!?!) class reunion in September, but... I don't know... did you guys attend yours?).  We get together every few months or so and it's so fun.  I am very lucky that my girlfriends married guys who are awesome.  The husbands have (almost) more fun than we do.

The next day came quick (about an hour quicker) than normal and I hauled my hiney to church to teach Sunday School.  I expected lots of people to forget to spring forward, but I don't give my four year old pupils enough credit because we had a full house.  Sunday also included fabulous events such as: grocery shopping by myself, a nap, and learning to French braid (thank you to YouTube and Molly, who was a model model).  Even Jim was happy to see me learning to French braid when I explained what it was and pointed out that any female athlete worth her cleats wears French braids.

The zenith of Sunday of course, came later when the Sister Wives season premier came on!  It's just as polylicious as I remember.  Someone on Twitter pointed out S.W. is on at the same time as Big Love, which I didn't know.  Sunday night must be a great night for polygamy in America!

In hindsight, I'm a little embarrassed I started this post with "What an exciting weekend!"  Maybe "fun" would be a better adjective, but really?  Honestly?  For me, that was an exciting weekend.  And now you know.  Also exciting?  Nikki Woo- The Home Guru emailed me this commercial, which I adore and never would have seen if it weren't for her because we (sadly) don't have Sun Drop in these here parts.  I love so much about this commercial: soundtrack, dance moves, fashion, redheadedness....

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