Monday, December 27, 2010

The Monday After

Merry Post-Christmas!  Are you guys all still high on tinsel and led lights like I am?  Part of that buzz may be exhaustion, but I'll take it.  I hope you all had the merriest Christmas of your lives and have minimal returns to deal with this week!

We buzzed around the state celebrating Christmas with various family members, each celebration as merry and bright as the one before it.  Today we are winding the heck DOWN!  My house is in shambles (you could said it's a ChristMESS), my kids need to eat something with nutritional value, and I need to regroup and reflect on the awesomeness that was our holiday weekend; and of course start thinking about taking decorations down.  Boo!  I mean Christmas is only 363 shopping days away... maybe I should just leave it all up?

M and A received some lovely gifts, but the thing Molly can't stop talking about?  The chocolate coins Santa left in her stocking.  Seriously?  I could have saved so much money.  Next year she's getting a truckload of chocolate coins and we're calling it a day!  Of course I'm sure the girls' favorite gifts are actually the leg warmers I knitted them (see below) and the prayers I wrote and framed for them.  A kid's Christmas dream come true, right?  Ha!

Even though the holiday season is winding down, the best commercials are right around the bend!  New Year's always brings a host of good alcoholic ads (my dad was kind enough to bring this commercial to my attention.  Thanks Dad!) and after that is.... Superbowl!  Weeee!  Get your commercial watching faces on readers!


Combat Boots Mama said...

Your blog is awesome! So much fun! Your writing is very captivating. And this post made me grin-- my kids' favorite part is always just opening the gifts. And sometimes they love the boxes and wrappers more than the gifts themselves.

Thanks for the follow-- I will love to keep reading yours, so am following back!!
** J Shine

Mrs. E said...

Thanks for the follow. I hear ya, my kids need to eat something with nutritional value too. They just don't want to now after all the candy & cookies. lol

Fanny said...

you have a nice blog, I'm your new follower x

Nicki Woo said...

Glad to hear you guys had such a great time! santa left chocolate coins in my kids stockings too. My six year old told me that they were Hanukah coins and then proceeds to tell me the whole story of Hanukah. I don't know where she learned it, but I was so proud. Look at her, being all worldly and religion conscious. But then I looked on the bag and it was written in Hebrew. Maybe she's not aware, maybe I'm just blind.

Anonymous said...

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