Monday, December 20, 2010

Naughty Or Vice

Happy Monday!  It's Christmas week!  Remember how I dreaded sending Molly to school?  Now that she has a couple weeks off and will be around a total of ten more hours, I'm realizing how very much I love those school hours!  They wear her out, they delight her more than I ever could, we need those school hours!  I can see I should start prepping now for the long summer ahead of us.

Over the weekend I was visiting the 'rents (I read that abbreviation in a teen 'zine- so hip!), which was fabulous because there were so many hands to help with things!  My kids were happy 100% of the time because they didn't have to count on me to be a pony (Molly) or change a diaper (Adrienne- my mom warms the wipes before making wipe to bottom contact; I don't have time for such niceties what with my busy schedule of eating hay and galloping through open fields).

It was fantastic.  But.  Here's the thing- when I was younger I was forbade soda pop of all varieties.  Every now and then once I reached the age of 7, I was allowed Sprite or 7Up as they are clear and decaf.  Surely this was a good move on my mom's part.  I don't allow my girls any pop either.  But I grew up to be a Diet Coke addict as you may have seen on my Bits About Me page, or yes, maybe from my Ode to Diet Coke.  My dad grew up to be a Diet Pepsi drinker, which I'm happy to drink in a pinch.  Even though I'm a 31 year old woman I hide my pop drinking from my mom.  It sucks the fun right out of my fizzy pop.

I do the cough and open so she doesn't hear that glorious pop and hiss (but then I can't hear it either and it's one of my favorite parts!)  I have to slam it down, crouched in the basement while the washer is going lest she hear my frantic gulps.  Pathetic and a little painful- that stuffs can burn the ole esophagus!  Not to mention I have to drink something else with my meals, which a) saddens me, because food just doesn't taste as good without my DC and b) all this liquid is making me have to go like, well... a pony.

Of course, it's worth it to get my bubbly, caffeinated beverage.  Totally worth it. 

This commercial is in honor of my mom, who pointed it out to me and loves it as much as I do.

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Nicki Woo said...

Yes, yes, yes. Love that commercial too.

My moms didn't let me have pop either. Sometimes 7up, a little peach soda here and there. I'm not an addict now, but ummmmmm. .. .I probably stop typing so I can go get my fizz on.