Friday, December 10, 2010

Beer Bash Friday

First Christmas party of the season tonight!  Hip hip hooray!  The girlies are staying at their Grandpa's (he has chickens, which seems to be the equivalent of Disneyland in Molly's eyes- she adores them).  The party is also a highly competitive beer tasting battle.  Each person brings a (disguised) six pack and each beer is ranked by each person.  The person who brings the highest ranking beer wins.  I want that to be me.

Just because it's the season of giving and there's all that holiday cheer and whatnot floating around does not negate my animalistic desire to crush my tipsy competition.  The problem is I prefer my drunkeness relaxation to come in the way of wine; I don't know the first thing about beer.  Bad little Irish girl, I know.  But I did some research and settled on a beer called Bistro Blonde from a semi-local brewery.  Let me just say here if there was a Bistro Redhead there wouldn't even BE a competition yo.

So wish me luck.  Whether I win or lose you'll probably be hearing about it for the entire next year.  But first, let's enjoy some Friday beer puns:  I just can't beer to lose. A beer in the hand is worth two in the Busch.  I don't know what I get if I win- I hope it's a Blue Ribbon.  I'm going to nip my sobriety in the Bud.  Sometimes when I have too many drinks trouble starts brewing.  A bajillion Ad Bits dollars to whomever comes up with a good keg pun.  I'm tapped out.


Discovering the Me in Mommy said...

I haven't tried it, but I've seen kits to even make your own beer!

Nicki Woo said...

Okay, so for a minute there, I thought you had to make your own beer. Which I used to do in college. Yes, very studious I am. Once made an apricot beer by accident, don't ask how that happens. But I do have the recipe should you ever need it. Love that your friends have really cool Christmas parties, all mine ever do is White Elephant, and drink themselves silly - no contest involved. Oh well, maybe I can slip beer tasting in there somehow. Seems more proper.