Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WWW Wednesday

Whine:  I hate to be a Michigander who whines about the cold.  So I won't.  But if I were that kind of girl I would totally whine about how very very blessed cold it is today.  Instead, I am going to whine about Chex Mix.  The ratio of dark crunchy circle things to the other ingredients is WAY off.  Chex Mix has become increasing stingy with the dark crunchy circle things and I've about had it.  If I can insert a quick woo-hoo here though I will: it's about that time when my aunt makes her homemade snack mix which is unlike any other mixed snack I've ever had.  So I won't have to put up with prepackaged Chex Mix and their absurd lack of dark crunchy circle things.

Wish:  I wish the full container of baby powder Molly dumped (strategically?) in every single room of the house would please vacuum itself up.  Every time I think I've got it all cleaned, I'll pull back the covers on her bed (for instance) and find another mound of powder.  Since it's just baby powder and not crack*, I'm not that mad- it's really just an inconvenience.

Woo-hoo!  Mols hosted a little Christmas party this morning with some girlies from school!  They are terribly terribly cute and had funny conversations including one about what store we bought our house from (no, not Menards) and which Care Bear is the best (I didn't know Care Bears were still hip actually.  Even more surprising, Bedtime Bear was a wild card favorite).

I was so excited the first time I saw this commercial.  I was less excited when I learned it wasn't a commercial for diapers, sunscreen, or a chest hair comb, but whatevs.  It's still funny.  Also, my new catch phrase when I do anything kinda, sorta, maybe cool (like flip the remote into the air and catch it.... left handed) is: "Some people are just born awesome".  Dig it.

*I just had to Google "is crack the same thing as cocaine?" to make sure crack is a powder.  Wikipedia assures me they are one and the same.


Amanda said...

I thought that was funny! :) Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog -

I'm following!


Nicki Woo said...

As always u are killing me. u r so funny. Which brings me to say, I really like u and want u to b my friend. Real friend. Gosh that sounds weird. Crazy stalkerish weird. This was easier when I was 4, I would have just had my mom call your mom. Anyway, I want to send you a real Christmas card like I do my real friends. Just ignore me and we'll forget how weird I am or email me at with your address and I'll send u our family holiday greetings. Sorry 4 the extra weird writing style, I'm texting from my new phone, bad idea. Not the phone, just blog commenting using it. I'll shut up now.

Margi said...

Honey you crack me up! Mols is just my kind of girl, that's just all there is to it!
You need some Texas Trash, will cure all the Chex Mix issues!

Mayra Calvani said...

Lovely blog!

Following you from MBC. I hope you'll follow back and leave a comment on my blog.



Jules said...

@Margi: Yum! That is exactly what I need in my life! Salty AND sweet- my fave!

@Mayra: Thanks for swinging by! I do follow your blog because it's great! I think I'll stop by there right now in fact! :)