Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Silly Juice

Are you having a blast playing with your kids' toys or what?!  I came pretty close to begging yesterday when M wanted to do something besides play Candyland with me.  And I found myself asking A if I could just try her Aquadoodle... just to see how it works (one straight-up masterpiece later, she got her toy back).  The girls also received Singamyjigs?  Have you heard of these?  I had not, but I'm here to tell you- They. Are. Hilarious!  So funny, I have to spread the joy.  Buckle up for a rare Ad Bits video:

They crack me up every single time with their perfectly shaped mouths and little teeth and tongues (that I don't think you can see, but trust me- they just add to the silly fun).

What new toys are you guys sneaking away from your kids?  I'm already looking for birthday and Christmas ideas for myself the girls so clue me in!

Speaking of funny, how much do we love the Tropicana 50 commercials with Jane Krakowski?  I actually don't care for the juice, but I'm planning to continue buying it because their ad campaign is spot on.  The one in which she yells at her gardener is my fave, but apparently not on YouTube yet.  I'll hook you up with it just as soon as it's available (remind me if I forget!).  In the meantime, here's a slice of the orange:


Renee said...

Addie has Sing-a-ma-jigs too & not only does she love them but so do my 8 & 11 year old boys!! Hi-lar-ious!!!

Clayton Thomas said...

This blog is too funny. I'm only sneaking away old toys so the new ones will have room. Ha Ha

All the best

twitter: @claylauren2001


Mom Daughter Style said...

great post. I'm your newest follower from MBC

ArtsyChaos said...

Dang! I can't get your singamajigs video to work. (My old computer, I am sure.) My mom and I were in Walmart a few weeks ago looking at them and couldn't for the life of us figure out their popularity... lol

Following you from MBC, come visit me too! www.artsychaos.blogspot.com

Leanne said...

How could I not know about these singamajigs!!! They kind of remind me of myself in the shower!! ;)

So funny!

Mama Ash said...

OMG I have those Fisher Price things! My 2 yr old loves them. I got them at a Fisher Price event and they are hilarious! So glad I found your blog, I'm your newest follower from Simply Follow on MBC :)
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Fanny said...

she looks fabulous in that blue dress x

Fanny said...

she looks fabulous in that blue dress x

Jules said...

Thanks for stopping by new readers! SO happy to have you!

@Renee: We should get the girls together to form a Singamyjig choir!
@Leanne: You are hilarious! I've seen your old show choir pics- I trust you rock out in the shower!

Nicki Woo said...

Got them! Or rather it. We only have one. But I think she needs a friend. She is super fun, and we are all fighting over her all the time. My favorite part though, is the teeth in their mouth. that cracks me up. The 10 year old is convinced it might eat her up in the middle of the night with those Mad Crazy Teeth. Maybe so. Maybe its a magic elf sent here by santa to keep tabs on the borderline kids all year long. Bwaahhaaahaaaa!

Oh, BTW. We are also loving the Baby Alive who drinks and eats bananas. No mess. It's a fake bottle with disappearing juice, and the bananas on the spoon disappear magically when you put it in the babies mouth. And she talks and is ridiculously cute.