Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WWW Wednesday

Whine:  This is neither a timely whine, nor a very sincere one, but being filled with the holiday spirit it's the best I can do.  Remember my ugly sweater party last weekend?  I didn't win the prize for ugliest sweater.  And you know how much I like to win.  Here's what went wrong.  I scoured Goodwill for an ugly sweater and was devastated to find cute things there!  Noooo!  I finally found a pretty darn ugly sweater, paid my three (!  I thought it would be like 50 cents!) dollars and left.  Minutes before leaving for the party I put it on.  30 seconds into it's wearage, my eyes have nearly swollen shut and I'm clawing at my itchy throat while consecutive sneeze #34 is exploding out of my head.  It occurs to me that whomever had this sweater before me didn't just have a cat, but in all likelihood, was a cat.  Long story short, I borrowed one of my mom's sweaters she bought from Gantos in the 80s.  It was ugly, but I should've been uglier.  2011 is now dedicated to finding (or making?!) the perfect ugly sweater.
Semi-ugly sweaters
Wish: I wish Adrienne would stop sucking toothpaste out of the tube!  It's gross and can't be great for her.  It doesn't matter where I hide it or how tight I screw the cap on, I'll catch her wandering around our houseful of safe, fluoride-free toys, sucking the bejesus out of a tube of toothpaste.  On the flip side, her breath smells like a Christmas tree- festive!

Woo-hoo!  I LOVE that our days are already getting longer!  Every single year I'm pleasantly surprised at how quickly our shortest day comes around.  I know it'll still be months before we get noticeably more rays, but I know our darkest days are behind us, so to speak.  Also, last year M could not ice skate.  She could not even stand up on the ice.  This year?  She was buzzing around our pond like a little pro yesterday!  Of course when I say "buzzing" I mean she could putter a few feet before falling.  It made my day and that of my whole hockey playing family.  Kick ice!

Love this commercial.  I will wear my sunglasses when it's dusk or very cloudy out, but I (reluctantly) draw the line at wearing them indoors.  However, I think with my 80s sweater on Saturday, I could have totally pulled the "indoor shades" look off.  (I'm sorry about the cruddy quality, but in the 80s this would have been HD caliber!)


Margi said...

Julie, you crack me up! Uncle Brian is walking around wishing everyone happy holidays and I'm cracking to hell up when he comes in my office, luckily it was your blog I was looking at! LOL Is Santa bringing A some bubblegum flavored toothpaste and Mols pink sparkly ice skates! WOOT WOOT! Have a great Christmas Julie, give that Jim boiii a hug for me and squeezer those girls real close for me too!

Carla said...

Toothpaste?! Love the Christmas tree breath comment. I can just imagine how spirited it makes you feel!