Monday, December 6, 2010

Time To Potty!

Readers, I think today is the day.  Or maybe it's tomorrow. 

I'm pretty sure it's sometime this week at least.

The little potty is coming out of retirement.  Think how it will complete my holiday decor.  It seems like only two years ago (because it was only two years ago) the little potty sat boldly under the Christmas tree- a challenge gift from Santa to Molly.  Now, I think the time has come for Adi to become acquainted with Madame Potte.  The time for me to start putting her dolls on it and squeezing wet paper towels behind them while cheering and praising loudly.  The time to stock up on fruit snacks and licorice, but not M&Ms, which actually do melt in the tiny hands of a proud potty-user.  The time to double check my portion of carpet cleaner, paper towels, and patience.

Are you potty training your kids now?  Do you remember going through this at one time?  Googling "how to potty train" and later, "potty training- what in God's name am I doing wrong?"

Of course I'm starting a bit early- A is 18 months tomorrow.  But she actually used the potty once last month (a friend put her on and she just... went!)  Plus I think she needs a challenge right now.  In addition to you know- learning to talk.  And with the holidays upon us, things are already chaotic and a bit stressful.  Why not throw another log on the fire?

So wish me luck readers.  My little star is destined to tinkle.


Nicki Woo said...

Just great. I have an over achiever for a bloggy buddy. Well I'm just sayin' my kid is somewhere between 15-18 months, I can't really remember, and now I've got this stress of keeping up with the blogging Jones because she hasn't even pottied once on the potty of course, she could, because i never put it way from 3 years ago when i was potty training my three year old, so now there's two things to feel guilty about not potty training and not putting away old pottys or potties (how is that spelled?) and don't even get me started on Christmas decorations, I'M still decorating. . . .it never ends. Okay, sorry.

Yeah, Adrienne (that also happens to be my middle name) good luck on the potty train. I know she'll be peein' with the best of them in no time!

Me said...

I'm sure it'll be even easier with #2! Get it? These are potty jokes. : )

Jules said...

@ Nikki: the way I see it, lil Woo is ahead of the game because you've been incorporating it into her life from the get-go. She is familiar with the little potty and will love it. I never should have put mine away. Also, A cannot even pull her pants down by herself yet so really I'm just setting us all up for failure.

Your middle name is Adrienne?! And this is just now coming up?! That is awesome. You are officially the very first person I know with that name (middle or otherwise).

@ Me: Oo! Good one! I actually took a bunch of poopy puns out of the post because I didn't want to come across as too immature. But who am I fooling really?