Monday, January 24, 2011

Xtreme Ad Bits!

I am not a BMXer, skate boarder, or snowboarder (although there was a time I dominated the bunny hill with my mad snowboarding skillz).  But you know what I am?  An Xtreme fan of Shaun White.  As you probably already gathered from the bajillion other times I've blogged about him.  So you can imagine my delight when I saw this commercial the other day:

I would have altered a mere two words here.  Instead of "hair" they should have used "flo".  Much Xtremeier.  Also, instead of "whatever" how about "whatevs"?  Whatevs is the new whatever.  It sounds funnier and is less annoying (click here to read more about annoying words and terms.  Personally, I find the word "moist" to be the most annoying word in the English language, but whatever!)

If the whole Xtreme world of sports is into talking animals I may have missed my calling.  I really should get back atop the old bunny bump.  Or at least cozy up on my couch with some hot chocolate and snacks (incidentally, "snack" happens to be my favorite word in the English language) to watch the Winter X Games for more hilarious commercials like this one:


ArtsyChaos said...

OMgosh... you hate 'moist'? Ever since I was a kid I have hated the words 'refreshing' and 'creamy'. So annoying! I never knew someone else had words that irritated them. You learn something new every day.

Carla said...

Love it! He is the second coolest redhead around ...

My favorite word is slather. I usually like slathering peanut butter on the bread until it's quite moist. : )

Renee said...

I enjoy the Xgames on occasion but have NEVER heard of Bobby Brown! To be honest, I thought they were referring to Mr. Can't-Touch-This-Hamma-Time!

Guess I'll have to tune in! :)

Jules said...

@Artsy: Ew! Creamy is bad! Yuck!

@Carla: Hm... I think I prefer "lather" to "slather". Like "rinse, lather, repeat".

@Renee: I hadn't either to tell you the truth! If I didn't know better I'd be looking for Whitney Houston boozing it up on the sidelines!

Nicki Woo said...

Now you know! Flo-evas!!!!!! I don't even know what I'm talking about but I think it sounds kinda cool. hip. maybe not. Whatevs.

I thought I liked the word "moist" until you typed it and now I'm PIMP-ing (refer to previous comment) and thinking it does sound kinda gross.