Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WWW Wednesday

Whine: Jim was not home last night and it was scary.  I heard a noise in the garage after the girls went to bed and was convinced we were all about to be murdered.  I looked into the backyard... footprints!  Were they Jim's from the day before?  I couldn't tell.  I plugged 911 into my phone and kept my finger on the dial button, grabbed my biggest knife and 20 minutes later (when I finally worked up the nerve) I opened the door.  Nothing.  Except my relief, which filled the entire garage, house, and state of Michigan.  We're storing some stuff for my brother and I think some of it just shifted.  But killers, beware!  I'm keeping that knife extra sharp.  But it's for my use only, ok? 

Wish:  I wish dinosaurs' names weren't so hard to pronounce!  M is all about dinos these days and her books are making a foolasaurus out of me!  What's more?  We have no chocolate in the house!  No chocolate in the house! (I think that's just horrific enough to mention twice).  So that's my big wish.  For chocolate.  The problem with not letting chocolate in the house is that then there's no chocolate in the house.  Let's talk woo-hoos before I drop this blog and run coatless and shoeless three miles to the store (yes, I have a car but I'm not in my right mind at the moment- nothing a little chocolate couldn't cure).

Woo-hoo!  Just moving from one wedding to another!  I'm in another wedding at the end of April and the bride emailed a picture of the bridesmaid dresses yesterday.  They. Are. Beautiful!  So, so pretty.  Woo-hoo!  I'm nearly caught up on laundry, the house is full of fun today (wonderful friends visited this morning and more wonderful friends are visiting this afternoon!)  And Jane Lynch has a new commercial out to boot!  Woo-hoo!


tawna6988 said...

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Fanny said...

omg, i can imagine how scared you was.
so happy for you that nothing happen x kis x

Nicki Woo said...

Don't tell the killers you have a sharp knife! Don't you know they read your blog!