Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WWW Wednesday

Whine:  Last weekend I was shopping around in a cute little store when Molly started that familiar little dance, "I have to go potty" she said crossing her legs.  I pulled her up to the storefront and asked the lady for the restroom please.  She replied, "we don't have a public one.  There's one across the street at Roast and Toast".  I smiled politely and dragged Molly to the bathroom across the street.  But I was fuming.  Shopowners, I understand if you don't want adults using your restroom.  That's fine.  Whatevs.  But three year olds should have VIP passes to any bathroom in the world.  Unfortunately for this shop, I'm just petty enough to never buy anything there again.  Petty with a capital Pee.

Wish:  I wish I would have won the $335 million jackpot last night.  That would have been pretty miraculous since I didn't buy a ticket though so let's think of a less ridiculous wish.  I wish I would not have given my girls super slippery orange Jello at lunch time.  Both are running around shirtless now as their shirts sit soaking. 

Woo-hoo!  My house is starting to return to some kind of (warped) normalcy again!  Christmas decorations are stashed, tree is sitting on our pond (we know Spring has arrived every year when the tree falls through), and toys are now assembled and laying all over (instead of laying in intimidating little pieces all over, just daring me to make sense of them all).  What I'm trying to say is, my house is still a chaotic mess, but it's a new 2011 mess and I like it.  Nobody could ever accuse my house of not looking lived-in.

What are your dubs today?  Do you wish for a commercial starring a scarf-wearing ape?  Your wish is my command!


KatieMay said...

I totally agree with you when it comes to 3 year olds and the potty...I would never return to the shop again :)

Miss M said...

Following back! Thanks for the follow! Cute blog and great blog idea!!

Wicked Wicker - Customized Gift Baskets said...

New follower from MBC!
Like the WWW Wednesday :)

Nicki Woo said...

I say all bloggers UNITE and BOYCOTT that cute little store across the street from ROAST and TOAST! Come on People, ARE YOU WITH ME?????

I think we have a revolution on our hands.

But before we deal with that.. . .

My whine - my lovely husband who wakes me while I'm sleeping and tells me I text too much

My wish - That I had won that durn lottery. I did buy a ticket. 2 in fact. I NEED THAT MONEY!!!!!!!!

My Woo-Hoo!!!!! - My oldest got a old 2G iphone for her birthday in October. We thought is was dead today, she was so sad. But fantastic momma (me) re-set it and all's well. I'm a hero, and crazy giggles run amuck in 10 year old land once again.