Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Let's hear it for 2011!!!!  Huge year.  Some scary things about this year? 
  • I'll have my ten year college reunion. 
  • I think this is the year I'm biting the bullet and getting a minivan. 
  • It will be my eight year wedding anniversary (will he get itchy?!). 
But ya know what?  Bring it!  I'm pumped.  I can't wait to see what awesome things 2011 has in store for us!  Be sure to keep me posted (ha!  A little blog humor) on what you've got going on.  I love to hear from you guys, it seriously makes my day.  And fingers crossed for some fabulous new ad campaigns this year too!  I'm still on vay-cay so here's another syndicated Ad Bits featuring Meijers (which IS open today and every other day except Christmas- I heart you Meijers!)
My My My Meijer
Oh Non-Midwesterners. I have to pity you. To not have the convenience, the glory, the 24-hourness that is the Meijer SuperStore. Frantically searching for Static Guard before an early morning meeting? Meijer. Craving gummi bears during an all-night study session? Meijer. Must have shaving cream at 3:00 am? Meijer. Need to find a cop for a scavenger hunt? Meijer. Not to mention the stellar liquor selection, homemade (probably not) chicken fingers and mac 'n' cheese, live lobsters, and smooth rolling carts!

So naturally, Meijer has awesome commercials. Here's one of my favs:

Here's another, although I'm not sure why it's funny.  This is how I always eat.

And one more for good measure:


Fanny said...

Happy new year x

Menopausal New Mom said...

Happy New Year!

What an adorable little girl you have, she's just sweet!

I found you on a blog hop and now follow you.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family.


ArtsyChaos said...

Hi! You've been award the Stylish Blogger Award. Happy New Year!!

The award post is here:

Nicki Woo said...

I love those commercials!!!! So funny. The Kiss the Cook one had me rolling.

You love Meijer just as I love my HEB. I could go into all of its wonderfulness, but alas I won't. Just know this, HEB commercials are BORING. They have nothing on Meijer.

I am so pumped for the NEW YEAR too. This year we pay off our truck, Yipppeeeee!!!! My four year old goes to Kinder - Booooooooo Hoooooooo, and who knows the hizzy heck else. I'm excited but a little nervious just thinking about it.

Heavensent1 said...

Have a Groovy New Year~!!

Following from the Retail Therapy Lounge...ifn you have a moment please stop by my place and have a look around - Mad Moose Mama - Have a groovy day...peaces...xoxo

Jules said...

@Deb and Mad Moose: Thanks for swinging by friends! I hope you like what you see! I'm checking out your blogs in 2 seconds... can't wait!
@Wendy: WHAT?! Stylish blogger!? What an honor! Thank you! I'm coming to retrieve it shortly! What an awesome way to start the year! Thank you so much!
@Nikki: HEB? Sounds awesome! Just another reason for me to come to TX! :) Oo! What are you going to do with the extra $ in your pocket from not having a truck payment? And the extra time with a kinderkid?! Aughhhhhh! Freaky!