Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He Phils My Heart

My love for Kelly Ripa is second only to my love for Regis Philbin.  So you can understand my dismay when I hopped on the elliptical this morning and heard this:

I'm petrified Anderson Cooper or Bryant Gumble* is going to replace Reeg and I will never be able to watch again.  Even though Bryant shares my birthday, so I do feel a little kindred spirity toward him.  Admittedly, I think the time has come for Regis.  Last week when the guys from Jersey Shore were on R kept referring to Snooki as Snoozie.  I'm pretty sure he really thought that was her name (which would be ridiculous, right?!).  And he totally deserves retirement, I'm just scared this is going to turn into a Drew Carey/The Price Is Right catastrophe (does anyone even watch anymore?  Does DC truly care if we spay or neuter our pets?  Me thinks not!)

*If you are a fan of Anderson or Bryant, or Eek! if you ARE Anderson or Bryant (or Drew for that matter) my deepest apologies.  I don't know what my problem is- I just don't care for them (you).  It's just as inexplicable as my dislike for cantaloupe.


Leanne said...

You crack me up!!!

TV's Take said...

I think it's funny you love him so.

Becky Jane said...

I think my Aunt would be right there with you!

Jules said...

It IS funny I love him so! He's just so grandfatherly and darling! Becky Jane, does your Aunt also dislike AC and BG or just really love Regis? Probably the latter. I have issues.

Nicki Woo said...

OMG, LOL, LMAO, PIMP (peein' in my pants ~ that's my original acronym ~ you can borrow it if you like) I dislike to the nth degree all of above said names, so don't even get me started, and CANTALOPE, ick! That has got to be foul!

Gonna totes miss Rege. I kinda like snoozie better than snookie.