Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out With the Tide?

Molly was back in school today.  I missed her this morning, but I have to admit, grocery shopping with one less kid is like jogging without a pack of wild dogs chasing me.  Just a lot less stressful.  She got home a bit ago and not only are her pants on backwards (how did I miss that this morning?!  I guess that's what I get for letting her dress herself), but she was bursting with excitement. 

M: "Look at my shell!  I got a seashell!" (sure enough, she pulls a lovely seashell out of her backpack)
Me: "Awesome!  Where did you get that?"
M: "The beach."
Me (looking outside at the blizzard whizzing past my window): "Did you have a pretend beach at school?"
M: "No, Evan went to the beach and brought me a seashell.  He did not bring one for Monique."  Then she ran upstairs to put her seashell in her closet where she keeps her most treasured treasures.

Is my daughter caught up in some kiddie love triangle?  It just makes me wish, once again, I could be a fly on the preschool wall.  I'm just sayin' though, if Mols gets to be the age of the girlie in this Tide ad and is still coming home with her pants on backwards? There's gonna be trouble.

So I have to ask- what do you guys think of this commercial?  Harmless?  Or not so much? 
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Fanny said...

nice post ! xxx


Rachel said...

I remember a love triangle I was in way back in kindergarten...ah, it starts so early.
I think the dad's bad acting ruins this commercial.

Nicki Woo said...


Mols has got that chica, hands down. Cutie pie that she is.

I've got no probs with the commercial. I'm sure I wore worse things, and I think every Papa in his right mind would atleast try to ruin that skirt.

What do you think?