Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WWW Wednesday

Whine:  Oh,I have a whine alright!  I already wrote this post and it was gobbled up!!!  Augh!  Anyway, my original whine was that the teeny-weeny keys on my phone made it practically impossible to blog as I waited for my mom outside Meijers.  My new whine totally overrides that whine.  Just when you think you have it bad with your tiny buttons, something like a disappearing post happens to put things in perspective.

Wish:  I wish I knew all the words to "Bottoms Up".  I think people would be very impressed and I know I would feel very pleased with myself.  I also wish my cell phone buttons were bigger (see above whine).

Woo-hoo!  I had such a fun day!  My mom and I took the girls to a dinosaur exhibit (did you know the T-Rex was not the largest meat-eating dino as everybody originally thought?  It was the Giganotasaurus.(sp?)) One of the tour guides lost a kid on a field trip (and found him after a bit) but I'd like to give a big woo-hoo because I knew where my kids were at all times (for once).  Also, I got my hair cut yesterday and I am 10 lbs lighter now and plan to have a bajillion dollars in shampoo savings by the end of 2011.  Woo-hoo!

Let me just say, I think this very spider has been in my home:


Nicki Woo said...

I thought you were going to say the Gigantosaurus ate the wayward kid. Darn. That would have been much more interesting than the kid being found. Oh well.

But I am glad M didn't get lost. I don't want her eaten up by carnivorous lizards.

oooh. a hair cut. how much did you cut off?

Renee said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! I wish I was going to book club tonight to view it in person. Have fun without me!! :(

Jules said...

@Nikki: No such luck! But think of the blog traffic I would get I had an actual dino-eating-kid story on here! I just got a few inches cut off, the exciting part was the shrinking of the hair... it was getting really WIDE. Maybe I'll post a before and after pic this weekend.

@Renee: Yes, it's my kind of weight loss- no sweating required! Book club was fun, but we missed you! Come next month for sure!