Saturday, January 22, 2011

Have You Seen Yer Glasses?

Senior citizens are the new IT thing, am I right?!  First Geico's super fly grandpa (see yesterday's post) rocks it out, and now Lens Crafter touts Arnie the stylish ladies' man.  Love this.  I hope I'm so cool someday.  Some far-off, faraway, practically impossible to imagine it's so distant, day.  Never mind that the other day Molly asked me why I have lines on my face (an inquiry for which she received a time-out*).

But someday, in a bajillion years, when Molly's face is wrinkly (and I am laughing at her mercilessly) I hope I am every bit as cool as Arnie.  It's a senior citiSIN how rad he is!

*I didn't REALLY give Molly a time-out for that you guys!  I actually laughed out loud (and cried inwardly).  I would never punish my kid for such a thing.  Although, if she got a random, unrelated time-out for some teeny-tiny offense later that day... then I'm sure it was just that.  Unrelated.


Your German sister with wrinkles said...

I went shopping on Friday evening with a friend and next to the changing rooms was a big, big mirror with a lot of lights. While I was waiting for her I quickly checked my face and aaaaaaaaaarg I saw some wrinkles around my eyes. My neighbour gave me 3 years ago some stuff for "women over 30" (creams etc) but I never ever used it. Should I regret it???
Well....let´s say it is time to realize that I get older and maybe I get more interesting like older men? (over here we say an older man gets more interesting like a good old wine)
So, stay cool and welcome to the wrinkle club :o)))

Bobbi said...

Thanks for the follow, I'm doing the same in return. Come back and see me anytime! BJ

Jules said...

@German sis: What?! I can't believe that! I've never seen a wrinkle on your smooth as silk face! I'm not sure I'm getting any more interesting, but I am getting uh... more experienced I guess!

still the old German sister ;o) said...

It is true, it is true!!! I am getting ooooooold and you will have the chance to check it in personal in August - if they allow an old lady to get on board *lol*
And yeeeah more experienced and of course more interesting as you are such a wonderful sister and woman :o))) *hugs*

Nicki Woo said...

I don't have any wrinkles. My skin is flawless. I am gorgeous. It runs in my family. No body ever got wrinkles EVER, and they all just died these pefect bodies of beautiful perfection. I'm sure I'll die that way too when I'm 130. Too bad you can't be like me.