Monday, January 17, 2011

Mad Fun in Madison!

A word about the wedding over the weekend.  It rocked.  Besides my own, it was the most fun wedding I've ever been to.  (If you're reading this and I attended your wedding please know yours was a close second!)  It was crazy fun in the fullest sense of crazy.  For instance:

~M woke up with the flu.  Snafu!  She bounced back in time to get down the aisle (the minister pointed out she was carrying a basket that could double as a barf holder).
~We forgot a groomsman after the ceremony when we left for pictures.  Oops!  He hitched a ride and zoomed over; I was thankful it was a guy and not a girl, who undoubtedly would be full of snarky remarks like, "I told you I was just running to the bathroom and not to leave without me!  Is there even any alcohol left?!"
~There was a smallish fight.  A disgruntled date didn't like a guest dancing with his girlfriend.  Seriously disgruntled date?  Is this your first wedding?  People do tend to dance at these things.  Seven punches were thrown (who counted?  Not sure.) before the guys calmed down.  This proves once again alcohol and testosterone may be key ingredients in the recipe for disaster.

Highlights?  The bachelorette party was beacoup fun, my toast at the rehearsal dinner seemed to go ok (they laughed/ they cried, which was my goal of course), and Jim's toast was appropriate (thank you Lord!) and awesome, Mols and the other flower girl sang Jesus Loves Me (the bride and groom did the sing a song with the word "love" in it thing), and people danced danced danced! 

Can I just reiterate how very much I love weddings?!  I promise a commercial tomorrow, but I'm still in wedding mode today, so you're stuck with a couple pics:

M is on the right.  You can't even tell she was puking and having horrible diarrhea earlier that day.

My brother and sister and I.  Two-thirds of us are married now!

My little family.


Margi said...

I have been waiting ALL day to see pics! Of course you all look GORGEOUS! and Mols bounced back good to look so together!

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

You guys look fantastic!!! I am glad M bounced back she and the other little one look like princesses. I am glad you had fun!!!

Carla said...


Renee Ricks said...

Beautiful!! Good color choice for you too. :) Glad to hear the weekend went well AND was fun despite a sick child. Could have been a serious disaster with that pretty white dress of hers.

Sandra - who had to stay at home :( said...

So funny to read what happened all over the weekend. And well as someone else already wrote somewhere else - there was always a drink in your hand *lol*.
Sooo great to read that you all had a lot of fun and whenever I get married I want you all to be around!
Oooh and M is sooooo cute!!! *sigh*

Miss you all and will call you soon to get all details of the big, big day of my little brother ;o)))

Nicki Woo said...

Love it, love it, love it!!!! I do, I love weddings, and I just love, love!

Wow. I think this was really the best wedding ever after mine, of course. Dancing AND Fighting, its like a hockey game that you get to get dressed up for. Sorry M had the up chucks and toots, but you'd never tell it from that picture. She smiles and holds herself just like you. I'm sure you two were the most beautiful girls in the whole wedding. Glad to hear you had a great time!

TV's Take said...

What a beautiful family! Glad your little one bounced back - you couldn't tell at all. Everything is more fun in Madison - great town. Thanks so much for the follow. Now following you back

Jules said...

Thanks guys! Everything I read about having a successful blog says commenting on readers' comments is KEY. But I'm REALLY BAD at it! I swear, I do read every single comment and they make my day. These comments in particular. :)