Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Pop Right In The Kisser!

Gene Simmons, you are so creepy with your long-ass cow tongue! Also, you are not a doctor! The other ads in this series feature actual doctors! Dr. J for instance. Oo! They should hire Doogie Howser- he's a kind of doctor. Plus, we know he wears deodorant* so he'd be pleasant smelling to work with. Anyway, I will overlook the hiring of Gene Simmons and his limb-like tongue because:

a. I think he's actually a good guy. That's what I hear from my network of Kiss roadies at least.
b. I lovey love love Dr. Pepper. I overdid it in college (I'm sure it was the soda and not the 8 o'clock vodka or amaretto I mixed it with), so now I'm a Diet Coke girl. I do still eat several sticks of Dr. Pepper chapstick every day though.
c. The commercial tosses in a few little people just for the fun of it! I see where they're going with the, "little Kiss" of cherry flavor but it's such a bizarre way to make that point, no? In any event, I love the concept, and would like to shake the man's hand who came up with it.

*Please see May 11 post for details.

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