Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Used To Be A Poet For Pretend

I don't give enough credit to Old Spice. They've made an Ad Bits appearance here and there, but for a company who comes out with such a kick-fanny commercial as this, I haven't given them their due props. So here it is:

An Ode to Old Spice (actually more of an ode to NPH)

I used to love SpeedStick
Especially the scent with the dark green top
Until I saw the Old Spice centaur*
And my sci-fi lovin' heart went pop.

Then they enlisted Doogie Howser,
the only doctor I'll ever trust
When his show went off the air
I kicked and screamed and cussed.

He's back now of course,
in How I Met Your Mother.
When people speculated he was gay
I used to say, "oh brother!"

But it turns out they were right!
Gay men always seem to smell nice
Which is why I trust him when
he says, "buy Old Spice!"


And if you're craving a little more NPH, please click below for his spectacular Sesame Street appearance. If you think he knows his deodorant, wait till you see his take on shoes!

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