Friday, May 14, 2010

Good Work (Ya Dumb Doorknob!)

Last year I made an a-s-s of myself at a FedEx Kinkos. The girl helping me was just lovely and so helpful and we were just chatting away. I was super pregnant at the time and she asked how far apart my girls would be. I said, "well, it will vary. Sometimes just a couple inches, sometimes several miles!" Hee hee! Just kidding.

This is what actually happened. She said something like, "can you imagine having 2 babies within 11 months?" I quickly (and with my best horrified tone) replied, "Ohmygosh, no! You'd have to be flippin' crazy!" She laughed like a hyena and pointed to the other worker, "Her kids are 11 months apart!" I felt sheepish, but come on! I was totally set up!

In any event, here is a funny commercial to commemorate my idiocy:

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