Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meet the Bobbles

On order: Bobblehead Husband and Bobblehead 3 year old .

Never again will I hear, "No, we cannot purchase a private jet OR a private island off the coast of Hawaii". Never again will I hear, "NO! I will NOT stop smearing cheese slices on the freshly washed windows!" Once my bobbleheads arrive, every conversation will be with them.
Me: "Bobblehead Hubby, am I getting more and more beautiful and younger looking with every passing day?"
Bobblehead: (nods yes)
Me: "You're too kind! And Bobblehead Daughter, do you promise to stop dumping my very expensive and very new powder eyeshadow on the bathroom floor? You do!? What a dear!"

My delusional life rocks! I have Pepboys to thank for my new Bobblehead Family obsession. They have a cute new commercial out that isn't on YouTube yet. Allow me to recommend a new and wonderful way to waste time at work though! Follow this link to create your personal bobblehead! Here is my Molly Bobble (the eyebrows don't compliment her red eyes much, huh?):

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