Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bing On the Cheesy Drama!

There is so much to love about this commercial. Not the least of which is the random (but much appreciated!) use of an eye patch. Why don't more ads feature gentlemen in eye patches? For that matter, why aren't more ads modeled after cheesy Mexican soaps? Let's face it, everything's funnier when there are subtitles involved. Of course these actors are far too talented to appear in actual Mexican soaps. For a more realistic feel we're going to need much worse actors, Bing. I mean, the way this girl snuggles up to hottie on the horse (see second 45) is much too believable. I do, however, appreciate the gust of wind blowing dude's shirt open, the portrait above the mantel, and the slow-mo ride off scene complete with beauty pageant wave and double finger kiss blowing.

Note: Bing, please do not confuse my admiration for this ad with forgiveness for your creepy Shining-esque commercial (see March 4 post for details).

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