Monday, May 24, 2010

Funny Commercial. Period.

Normally I try to avoid blogging about ads only 50% of the population can relate to, but I just couldn't resist this one. My favorite part is the "racially ambiguous" point. However the all white thing? Totally sucks me in. If you're a tampon* commercial claiming I can wear white all month long I'm going to be intrigued. Also? To tell the god's honest truth? I'm happy to see girls wearing bathing suits, leotards, etc. and being active. My point is that while I love this commercial because it's funny, I buy girlie products based on the very points they are snubbing! I just do, ok?

*OMG, please do not let this be the day my entire family starts reading my blog. I swear! Please know I am blushing furiously over here, but a blogger must suffer for her art! To lighten the mood, I am providing a Kotex commercial spoof compliments of Chelsea Handler. (This happens to be a useful commercial too- I now know Uby Kotex is pronounced "you buy" and not "oobee". That may be an answer when I'm on Jeopardy someday- I'd hate to ruin my otherwise perfect game with an incorrect pronunciation).

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