Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Get Wet

This is such a Willy Wonka idea! Gum that changes flavor? I know what I'm asking for for Mother's Day! You know what this commercial is missing though? Flava Flav. He'd be a totally appropriate spokesperson because Stride is so funkadelic and Flava is ultra-funkadelic. Plus it'd be fun to see him get a cup of water in the face. Who else would I like to see get doused? Well, since you asked:
Stanley Kubrick (everything you do freaks me out to no end!)
Jennifer Granholm (she could take a few cups in the face on behalf of all politicians)
Sam Bernstein (this is turning into a Michigan-specific list. Sorry out of staters. Sam is a crazy sleazy lawyer, whose ads are inescapable and poorly made).
People who throw their hands up in disgust when they want my parking spot and think I'm taking too long getting my kids into their car seats (this has happened to me more than once believe it or not- maybe some steamy water for them).
The entire San Jose Sharks team (frozen water seems appropriate for you- ice cubes to the face!)

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