Thursday, September 17, 2009

Toe Curling Nastiness

Ok Mucinex, I understand why you would take a gross cartoon approach to your very nasty (but necessary! I'm not knocking it!) product. Products like these are stuck between a slimy, snot covered rock and a crap-smeared hard place. What is the appropriate approach to marketing something that brings giggles to elementary school kids everywhere? The Beanos, Mucinexes, and Pepto Bismols of the world do the best they can given their circumstances. Most products alleviating embarrassing bodily functions or fluids take the humorous path, and rightly so! I believe most people have a healthy appreciation for potty humor- even those of us disgusted and embarrassed by such commercials are smiling inwardly as we roll our eyes.

So where to draw the line? The answer is here:
This is similar to the Mucinex commercial and every commercial ever made for athlete's foot, but here's where it differs: the germ lifts the toenail up. Need I say more? You're curling your toes and shivering in horror right now, aren't you? It's too repulsive, and it doesn't even satisfy our inner schoolchild. It is simply, unbearably vile.
I apologize for giving you the visual; I hope Adbits readers are better at filtering these things out of their brains than I am. But if I'm going to lay awake tonight imagining my toenails being pried up then I at least had to make a bloggy effort to recruit some misery to keep me company.

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