Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That Does Zit!
Yes. Because when I was in high school the smokin' hot girls always went after guys in chicken suits. They were so dreamy! And here's a little word to the acne-prone wise: if you're that concerned about your skin, getting a job wearing a used, sweaty, stifling chicken costume is not your best bet. Actually, if you're concerned about your life in general, chicken suits are not your best bet. Tres disappointing Clearasil- there are so many better routes to go if you're advertising zit products. Something funny with pizza perhaps? A nice chicken pox reference?

I won't beat down Clearasil too much though, and not just because they maintained my (mostly) zit-free face throughout high school. But because they rescued themselves from... well, themselves with this one: Extra sprinkles for me please!

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