Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hold the Muffin Top Please

As I try to shed the last several pounds leftover from pregnancy #2, I find myself paying particular attention to weight loss commercials. And mouth-watering food commercials. With Subway, I get a little bit of both. No, I'm not going to shove Jared in your face, and no, I'm not going to sing the $5 dollar foot long song. I'm talking about their good commercials; this one for instance: or

One could argue these are a little offensive- I mean, a badonkadonk butt can be a thing of beauty. And I'm here to tell you my thunder thighs have served me well for many years. Not to mention, one's self-esteem should not rest solely on one's weakness for fast food! But that's a whole different (less funny, more psychological) blog. In all honesty, these fatty phrases, paired with the actors' naive facial expressions and serious tones, are as hilarious as any commercial out there.

Here are a few more for ya: (please note the butt-popping motion this gentleman performs) (the God's honest truth for you sports lovers) (this is not funny to me because I've actually had buttons pop off my pants and go flying across the room- suddenly this commercial becomes a lot less hilarious and a lot more effective).

A Teaser: Tune in tomorrow when we will be observing Chinchilli Day.

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