Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Birthday Annoyances

Today is my 30th birthday. It's already almost 9:00am, which means I'm way behind my get drunk by 8:00 and stay drunk all day plan. Clearly, there is no time for an in-depth commercial analysis or thought provoking homily (as my entries normally are, right? right?). So here are a couple tirades- no time to YouTube 'em so just keep your eyes peeled (perhaps during The Biggest Loser tonight?)

1. The Lap Band- this is a band that is surgically put around your actual stomach as a weight loss tool. Do they really need to specify pregnant women should not have this surgery? I realize they're just covering their hineys but it seems like that would come up in pre-op.

2. Yaz- I cringe when I see this girl (in da club) explaining there was confusion during Yaz's last commercial and she's going to clear it up. She goes on to explain Yaz can be used for moderate acne but not severe, for birth control but not STD control, for potty training 2 year olds but not 60 year old leaky bladders, for inducing vomiting after binge drinking but not for bulimics, for increasing breast size, but not if you have implants... maybe she didn't say some of that, but the point is she did not clear anything up- she just used a lot of words to confuse viewers. There's a good chance she moonlights as a speech writer for our president.

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