Monday, September 14, 2009

Let Loose the Moose!

It's always a little weird for me when I see an actor in one commercial and then he or she pops up in another. When the Yoplait chick (of the, "ok I was outside and then I came in" tirade a few blogs ago) showed up on the creepy Verizon commercial ("this is a dead zone") it doubled my hatred for that commercial (can't she ever do a commercial in which she's not a haughty bi- um... hag?) However, my love for Moose (think Enterprise Rent-A-Car ads) is so deep and wide that I had to Google this actor for his real name: Nate Torrence (I prefer Moose, but whatever).

I first noticed Nate in his Enterprise commercials, but was happy to see him again and again stomping for Golden Grahams, Volkswagen, and Capital One (CO ads with David Spade killed me: Torrence also landed a role in the critically disclaimed movie, Get Smart. According to Google findings, he was also in Click with Adam Sandler, but I don't remember him in that (which is unusual because he's normally pretty unforgettable). He's sort of Kevin James-ish with an even sillier edge. For instance: Speaking of silly, I also found in my "research" (can I really call it that? It took all of 20 seconds) he was a state champion gymnast. If that is true (and it must be since I read it on the Internet!) something went terribly wrong with his body between now and then, bless his [chub encased] heart. Of course, I have to believe his chunky physique is what makes him so endearing and provides comic relief to commercials that would otherwise suck (namely the Enterprise ad). So, big spending companies (Coke? Nike? You guys listening?) I say unto you, hire this man! Let loose the MOOSE!

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