Friday, September 4, 2009

To Love and To Loathe

To Love: Ikea. (cannot find commercial on YouTube :( Just keep watching for it on regular TV)
Admittedly, my fondness for this commercial may stem from my unconditional love for Ikea. But can't we all relate to this? A face plant right into our very own bed after being away from home? Especially (as any fair-skinned redhead can attest) when our skin is aflame with sunburn and the only thing on the planet that will offer any relief is our cool, cool (in my head they're always white) sheets. Ahhhh. The muffled words and captions only add charm and wit to an already refreshing commercial. I love you Ikea! And your little pencils too!

To Loathe: Yoplait
You condescending biz-nitch!!! Of course the seamstress is going to be confused! You tell her you've been mowing down on Boston Creme Pie and the like, and then look at her like she's an idiot when she thinks you want your clothes taken out!! "Ok, I was just outside and now I'm in." This line, delivered in what can only be described as condescending, (or disdainful, patronizing, uppity, etc....) convinces me that I'm simply not a big enough bitch* to eat Yoplait yogurt.

*I realize this is the 3rd variation of the B-word in my last 2 posts. But when you need the word bitch, nothing else will do.

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