Monday, September 7, 2009

Talledega Nights

Yesterday I caught a bit of Talledega Nights on TV. There were enough commercials in the actual movie to supply me with blog material for a year. I've seen the movie before (in the theater believe it or not!) but I was taking a pregnancy test the next morning and was pretty sure I was knocked up so I concentrated on the big screen not at all. (Molly was born T minus 36 weeks later). But I digress. One of my favorite parts of the movie is the dinner scene; the whole family sitting down to a delicious meal of Dominoes, Taco Bell, KFC, etc. Only Peyton Manning has endorsed more products! And of course Will Ferrell's character drives the Wonderbread car. But what company gets the most bang for their buck? Shake and Bake baby! The best "placement" was a product we don't even see! I wish I knew Shake and Bake's involvement in the making of the movie. How does that work? Did the producers contact them? Did the conversation go something like this?

Producers: "We'd like to feature your product in our new movie."
S & B: "Really? You want to feature Shake and Bake? The scrumptious chicken coating?"
Producers: "Yes. It will cost you 5 million dollars for the product placement."
S & B: "Um. This is awkward. We only bring in $25,000 a year."
Producers: "Huh. Is that right?" (muffled talk in the background) "Well, for $2,000 we'll just mention the product a few times but nobody will actually see any Shake and Bake chicken."
S & B: "Did you know we also offer Shake and Bake for pork now?"
Producers:"Tell you what. Send a few boxes of your product over to the set and we'll just work it into the movie free of charge."
S & B: "Deal."

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