Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't Schwanna Read This Post?

You’ve probably noticed I don’t blog on Thursdays and I’m sure you’re wondering why. (Right?!) It’s because I’m much too busy on Thursdays. Busy with things like plastering my face to my front window in anticipation of the Schwan’s man. For a girl who doesn’t cook much, the Schwan’s man is a very Big Deal. So big that he is joining the ranks of Meijer and Diet Coke. That’s right. I wrote him an ode.

An Ode to My Schwan’s Man

It’s Thursday and I’m panicked.
There’s nothing in the pantry,
There’s nothing in the fridge.
My family wants to eat more than just a smidge.

Like a white knight on his pony
My Schwans man rolls-aroni
Up my drive and to my door
With pricey food choices galore!

I don’t mind, I’ll pay whatever
Driving that truck up my crooked driveway is
No easy endeavor.

He shows up when it’s windy, rainy, or icy
With a new catalog of food so enticey!
I pick and choose all the best thingies:
Lasagna, soup, hot pretzels, or chicken wingies.

He pets my dog , averts his eyes when my kids are nude,
Under his moustache, a smile reflects his good attitude.
Every two weeks, my Schwan’s man will show
And I cram my freezer, wishing it would grow.

So when the kids ask
What’s for dinner tonight?
Instead of making them take another bite
Of PBJs, I can happily say,
“Anything you want! The Schwan’s man came today!”

Instead of a commercial today, can I just point out what I have to believe is YouTube's idea of an April Fool's Day joke?  This is the logo they have on their site today:
Funny.  But I would have expected something more video-ish from them.  Since, you know, they're a video website.  Cute though.  Cute.


Nicki Woo said...

Your cute too. And I love your Schwanns man poem. I want a Schwanns man too.

Tell him if he comes to Houston, I'll write him a rhyme. I got mad poetic skillz.

Jules is on her blog,
while i'm sleeping like a log.
Jules like ads,
while my kids are being bad.

See. I told you.

Anonymous said...

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