Monday, April 11, 2011

MinneSo Totally Cool

It's good to be home!  We had tons of fun in Minnesota.  Mostly, we ate and shopped.  My girls were great little SITs (shoppers-in-training).  In fact, Molly earned the nickname Mall-y by cheerfully enduring a marathon shopping event at the Mall of America.

Here are a few notes on Minnesota:
  • I used to live there!  I moved there right after college and got my first real job at a mortage company.  I've loved it ever since (Minnesota.  Not the mortgage company).  Don't think I didn't make my mom take my picture by my old apartment complex, because I did.
  • Bob Dylan and +* are from MN.  Rock on!
  • There is no sales tax on clothing in Minnesota.  It's like having a coupon for everything.  Sunglasses are NOT considered clothing; I learned that the hard way when I bought my $8 shades on Day 1 of vacation.
  • I was not on the I-35 bridge when it collapsed several years ago, but I was on it this trip. It seems very sturdy now.

    St. Croix river boat.
  • At the American Girl bistro.
Here is a commercial completely unrelated to Minnesota.  There aren't a ton of redheads in ads, and this one, I have to say, really drags us through the mud.

*Prince, that is.  Shockingly, my keyboard doesn't have his funky little symbol so a plus sign will have to do.


Carla said...

How I've missed your blog! I'm so glad you're back!

Nicki Woo said...

Fun, fun, fun!!!!

Shopping and American Girl? Sold! and by the way, i am totes glad that the bridge is sturdy and didn't collapse with you on it.