Saturday, December 19, 2009


Darling Ad Bitties! I love Christmas! I love the shopping, the wrapping, the parties, the food, and of course the commercials! Every year the Hershey kiss ad is a favorite. I want to crawl through my TV and hug these little kisses; I want to adorn my home with these lovable shiny triangular candies; I want to tug their little paper tags like a young boy pulling his crush's pigtail and then nibble their teeny tiny pointed tops. This is an extreme love for a little chocolate, I know! But that's what happens when a commercial personifies their candy. I get a little loopy.


Sandra - living in the chocolate country Germany ;o) said...

These ads are funny and very creative. But American chocolate??? ;o)))
Enjoy the last days before Christmas!

Jules said...

Ha ha! True! We can't all make the fabulousness that is German chocolate! But we do have cute commercials! :)