Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wardrobe Coincidences and Day 2 of Holiday Gift Ideas

I never watch Ellen, but today I was on the treadmill at a weird time and caught her interview with John Mayer (he was much funnier than I expected him to be)! Unremarkable, I know, except that he was wearing the same reindeer sweater as the guy in yesterday's Wii blog! Coincidences like this really fire me up, and being the champion Ad Bitters that you are, you put up with me! Take a looksee:

But let's get down to business. I owe you one gift idea for today. And here it is: Netflix! Buy somebody the gift of endless movies. Wrightnow!

A lovable commercial because the characters are just the right amount of stupid, it references peanut brittle, and shows a dog driving a car.

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