Monday, December 28, 2009

Tailgating With Toyota

Happy Three Days After Christmas! I hope this was the merriest and brightest Christmas you have ever seen. Mine was magnificent. With the exception of that post-Christmas moment when my hair follicles apparently got word from my Wii Fit that I'm 67, and my mom and sister (cheerfully!!) pointed out a gray hair atop my head. Said hair has been plucked and destroyed, however and I'm back in black! (Or red, as it were).

With the college Bowl games just around the corner and pro fans gearing up for playoffs, I thought this would be an appropriate ad series for today. And can I just get a "what what!" for Toyota? It's pretty unusual for car commercials to not do the suck-fanny waltz, but they came up with a whole bit that even the commentators get in on (I'm sure Toyota didn't pay through the tailpipe for that either, right?)

Yeah, why aren't there any fundraisers for ugly puppies? Or young girls (?!) going prematurely gray for that matter! I fully appreciate the paper bag gimmick though as a would-be Detroit Lions fan. I'm actually pretty surprised the Lions themselves don't show up with bags over their heads. It may be an improvement in fact. Certainly couldn't hurt matters.

The announcers dig this one too:

For more Great Moments in Tailgating History, do not. I repeat do not type "Great Moments In History" into YouTube's search field. There are a series of messed up, creepy faces that will show up. Just a heads up, yo.

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