Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Girl Deftly Plays Violin

This commercial was brought to my attention today (thank you Leigh Leigh Belle!) and I was going to save it for Christmas, but then I just got too excited! (Really, it's a wonder I don't give out presents as soon as I buy them). This commercial is truly beautiful. I don't know if they give out Emmys for commercials, (or even if they have Emmys in Thailand) but if they do, this one should win. It's the feel-good ad of the year.

Isn't it lovely? I adored it. What's that you say? You like it but what about Wednesday's Gift Idea you were promised? You can't very well wrap a bottle of shampoo and give it as a gift you say? Wellllll....
1. Sure you can!
2. But if you don't want to do that, let's put our heads together and think outside the shampoo bottle.
3. Oo! How about a gift certificate for that special somebody with dirty carpet to have Stanley Steemer come out and shampoo his or her rug?
4. No? Ok, how about offering to shampoo your neighbor's chihuahua this Chanukah?
5. A St. Bernard? That would be challenging. And he did cut your phone line this summer when he was landscaping.
6. Here's something- get the Pantene because I love this ad. Shampoo and conditioner. But throw in some fabulous bubble bath, a loofah, other delicious toiletries, and a gift cert for a massage. Put in basket and voila! You have Day 3 of Ad Bits' Gift Giving Guide.
7. You're welcome.


Leighanne said...

Oh, I'm so delighted it made it on the Adbits! I cried like a wee babe!

Sandra said...

Thanks to Leighanne, too - this is really amazing and well yes, why do we always have to be like others?
Wonderful and thanks for sharing!