Friday, December 4, 2009

Fantasy by B.S.

It's such a cop-out to blog about Britney Spears' "Fantasy" commercial. I mean talk about picking the low hanging fruit! But it's Friday and an easy (archery?) target is just what I'm looking for- merci beacoup Madame Pickle Spears! (I've always wanted to call her that! Thank you for allowing me that artistic (?!) liberty).

So here it is: and here are a few comments on quotes from this very ad:
a) "she was beautiful"- I'm happy her time in the loony bin didn't damage Brit's esteem!
b) "there wasn't a part of her he didn't want to touch" - He lived in the woods and was not privy to the paparazzi's uncoverings! Frankly, Monsieur Hunter, she's Toxic.
c) "so he did something kind of... crazy"- Did he shave his head and jump half naked in the ocean with dozens of strangers taking photos? No? Gosh, I must be thinking of someone else....

But Britney can't (bare) shoulder all the blame- where was her agent? Where were her friends? The Mouseketeers? The nice girls from her blockbuster, "Crossroads"? Lil sis Jamie Lynn? (Ok, I get why she was unavailable- she's got enough on her own crazy plate). My point is, a girl who is notorious for being off her nut should not try to convince consumers to buy a fragrance so they too can live in a (sedative induced?) fantasy.


Anonymous said...

Love it. I can smell the scent of bad sales from here ... - Carla

Jules said...

Yes, it reeks like Dollar General at Christmastime!