Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Can't Believe It's Not Better

This has got to be the weirdest commercial of 2009. It's a catchy song, true, and Megan Mullalley has great cleavage, true. But at some point during the making of this ad, 1980 must have called wanting their special (?) effects back. At the end? When Megan spins across the screen turning it to a giant tub of butter? So Eighties! Not to mention the dancing (break dancing!? moonwalking!?) and oh yeah! The song choice! Obviously, they were limited in that arena as "hydrogenated" only fits in so many songs, but still....

Plus, despite her thumbs up cleavage, MM is an odd choice. Apparently producers think she can sing really well (see making of commercial clip below) but I just hear Karen's voice (imagine the dirty jokes that character would have made about a tub of butter!) trying to belt out a Glorious Gloria song. It doesn't suit her. What would suit her? Guest starring on 30 Rock as Tina Fey's doppelganger.

So is this supposed to be a funny commercial? Not a good sign if I have to ask, right? In the "making of video" it looks like the funniest parts were cut. I would love to see chubby checkout guys doing a bit on tubs of butter! The producers also mention her great comedic timing, but it's totally lost on me here. And it could have been hilarious! Butter (or margarine as it were) can grease up and open a Pandora's box full of funniness, innuendos, and puns!
At the very least the ICBINB people could have given us the multiple guy dancers (fresh off the male stripper boat!) instead of just the one. Can I get an "Amen"?


Sandra said...

They are talking about it as it would be the newest hottest Hollywood movie. This is kind of strange to me.
Well and you are right definitely the 80's.
Sometimes you have strange ad over there (ok we over here, too to be honest). Do you know the Pizza ad which is currently on TV. This lady standing infront of a row of fridges and then saying "I want to have a Pizza" - less fridges - "A Pizza with...." - less fridges....until only one and the only will remain. And if you ask me it does not look like the real Pizza we would buy over here. I saw this ad several times and never liked it....so no Pizza for me and no butter by the way.
- the end - *LOL*

Jules said...

I have seen that commercial but never really paid attention to it! Will have to look closer next time it's on! I do love these strange ads though! Otherwise what the heck would I blog about!?