Monday, December 14, 2009

This Little Piggy Went Wii Wii Wii

I have heard complaints that some of my regular readers have not had time to read my blog due to the busy holiday season. Because it is my goal that AdBits be both entertaining and useful (the latter being a recent goal- added just seconds ago) I am kicking off the First Annual AdBits Holiday Gift Idea Week. Each day this week (except for the days I don't have time to blog), I will feature a commercial advertising a good gift idea. Never say I don't listen to my audience! Comment cards to arrive along with your Christmas card.

Our week of gift ideas commences with... Wii! (I never said they'd be creative gift ideas).

I am reluctant to recommend the Wii because mine just told me my "Fit Age" is 67. Apparently my balance was off, prompting it to ask if I had trouble walking. So it is with a touch (read: buttload) of bitterness that I admit I still love my Wii regardless of my skewed balance test results. Plus, this commercial really embodies the Christmas spirit, what with the family competitiveness and surfacing disappointment. Congratulations Wii! Thanks to... well me, you're Ad Bits' Holiday Gift Of The Day! Weeeee! (I couldn't resist).

1 comment:

Sandra said...

LOL I really love to read your blog and even more your kind of lampoon yourself ;o)
And just to calm you - you never ever look like 67 and you will be always younger than me ;o)
The ad is really funny and I could imagine a Wii Christmas with your family. Never ending laugh!