Thursday, October 15, 2009

Up Up and Away

I was unsure about what commercial would be featured as today's AdBit. Then, while watching Community, it hit me like a lead balloon. (Ha ha! As you read on, you'll find that is actually kind of funny).
I've long loved Julia Louis-Dreyfus because she's hilarious, yes; because she made my best dance moves famous, yes; because her name is strikingly similar to mine, yes; but mostly I love JLD because she is my sister. Sorority sister that is. (Hot damn, Delta Gam!) So obviously I love her commercials for Healthy Choice meals. Here she is with comedy powerhouse Jane Lynch, tag teaming potential Healthy Choice consumers:
Louis-Dreyfus' brand new HC ad (not even on YouTube yet!) seemed particularly appropriate today as it shows a hot air balloon in the background dropping tiny samples of Healthy Choice meals. (See where I'm going with this yet? I'll drive it home for ya). Sooooo.... while I heart Julia, I think in light of recent events a more fitting spokesperson is the Colorado balloon boy!

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