Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Burlington Fib Factory

Such. A. Long. Day. Consequently, I have no tolerance for the distreatment of words (whew, stupid humor is still in tact).
Burlington Coat Factory: I don't shop with you anymore because your return policy sucks. Even though you do seem to have good deals, and I am tempted sometimes. And I admit, when I did break down and throw you some business I wound up with the most supportive nursing bras I own. But I digress!!! I am annoyed with you because you claim department stores are "extinct" in your latest commercials. You can't claim that! It's not true! Just the other day, I used a year-old gift certificate at Macy's! We get your point, but still- you could try "endangered" or "in danger of extinction" or "passe". But to throw the Barneys, Younkers, and Saks of the world into the same category as Dodo birds or Michael Jackson, is to spew out false information. And for that (and because you would not accept an attempted return about 15 years ago) you are on my Naughty List.

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