Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sour Power

Do Sour Patch Kids really need commercials? I mean, the only times you eat Sour Patch Kids are when you go to the movies and buy them, or you get drunk and make the DD stop at a 7-11 on your way to Taco Bell so you can run in for some, or you get knocked up and guiltily binge on them until the ultrasound technician hands you baby's first picture and the uncanny resemblance to a Sour Patch Kid scares you into swearing them off... until your next pregnancy.
Despite these very secure niche markets, Sour Patch Kids do have ads on the tube these days. And good ones at that! Check 'em out:

Here are a few other sweet and sour ad ideas I, for one, would like to see:
1. High school Sour Patch Kid eggs a house, then brings victims omelets in the morning.
2. College SPK drunkenly pees in girl's backpack, then sweet talks her into dinner the next night.
3. Gangsta SPK slashes one's tires... is caught and blows tires up (using sweet and sour gummi substance rather than air!)
4. Stoner SPK eats one's complete stash of SPK in a fit of munchies... then uses his mad gummi connections to arrange lifetime supply of Sour Patch Kids for victim.

First they're sour... then they're sweet!

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