Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Best BK Commercials- Buns Down.

I know, I know! I just blogged about people in funny costumes yesterday! But it got me thinking about the hilarity that is the Whopper Jr. I am actually off the Burger King right now because of their creepy masked King commercials, ( and also because I am convinced they are using a lower quality (and dark!) meat now in my beloved chicken sandwich. (I allow myself one every decade as they are absolutely disgusting for the ol' ticker). But all this doesn't mean I don't get my kicks off guys in burger costumes:
Truly, they cannot have too many bun puns. I laughed at every last one. What's more is that Whopperness is apparently a recessive gene as Mom and Sis are fleshy (as opposed to... meaty?).
So here and now I am starting my campaign to get creepy King off my screen and the Whopper family on screen and into the hearts of Americans. But not literally. Because too much of that stuff will kill you. Really.

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