Monday, October 26, 2009

Trident: Making the Medicine Go Down

There is little I love more than a well-orchestrated, cheesealicious commercial. Take this one for instance: I mean, who doesn't dream of teaching their smiley, wink-adept kids to bounce in perfect alternating sync on the couch? Also, like the gum, their commercial scores points for having multiple colors: the white family, black delivery guy, Asian electrician (?), and the racially ambiguous chimney sweep. And speaking of our Dick Van Dyke wannabe, how bad do you want to watch Mary Poppins after seeing that ad? No? Just me? Well, take this:

An aside: Isn't it about time TRIdent came up with a three layer gum? Duh.

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Leighanne said...

Too right on the "tri"dent! This blog is hilarious and educational.