Thursday, October 8, 2009

Calling All Celebrities

With the economy in the tank right now, it is clear to me that many companies are cutting their advertising budgets as there seems to a cool commercial drought. Consumers are pinching their pennies and spending less on entertainment, so even the Hollywood crowd is seeing a decrease in income. For celebrities looking to make a couple extra bucks (to pay off their Bentleys or their bookies) doing product endorsements, I have these recommendations:

Britney Spears for Hanes: "When I do wear underwear, I make it Hanes"!
Madonna for GNC: "Buy your supplements here and you can be ripped and veiny like me".
Tom Hanks for Ballpark Franks. Because it rhymes and I think it's funny.
David Letterman for Tiffany's: "For when you've screwed up really bad".
Jon Gosselin for Marlboro: "When you're creating a new bad boy image, smoke Marlboros".
Kevin Federline for Big Lots: "Wife beaters- 10 for $2".
Al Gore for Pillsbury: I think he'd make a great new dough boy.
Kanye West for Wite-Out: "Oops".
Lady GaGa for Trojan: "For his and her pleasure".

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