Wednesday, November 25, 2009

An Adbits Thanksgiving

Thank you to Boost Mobile,
your pigs are the tops-
I love talking swine
feasting on pork chops.

A thank you to Taco Bell
and Burger King as well;
with your raps and your bun jokes
Who the hell even cares what you sell?

My little beer darlings:
Coors, Miller, and Bud Lite,
I owe you a cold one
for doing commercials up right.

A shout out to Pop Tarts,
Quiznos, and Peyton Manning.
To E-Trade, MasterCard,
And Carrot Top (who's been tanning!)

I must even say thanks
to commercials that I hate
for providing juicy material,
your suckiness makes Adbits great.

So thank you Mucinex
and your mascot who lives in a nose.
Also repulsive is Lamisil,
featuring the fungusy toes.

Thank you drippy nose faucet,
compliments of Mentos candy.
And the Yoplait uber-bitch,
you came in blogging handy.

I thank you for your work,
marketing teams great and sucky,
celebrity endorsers, and commercial actors
I think that you're just ducky.

I especially love my Adbitters,
my readers are the best!
For putting up with my jokes,
mad parentheses, bad puns, and the rest!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sandra said...

And I want to say a big THANKS to the! I had a great time and enjoyed my first Thanksgiving with every little second.
...and did you write this poem? I am impressed!

Jules said...

Thanks to you for visiting! And thank you for not laughing at my ridiculous obsession with Twilight!